Free Online Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics

In addition to our online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship, and online Fascia Release for Yoga course with Yoga Journal, we have a ton of FREE classes on YouTube. 

Click this link to enjoy a number of FREE online yoga classes — Full-Length ones! —  on Ariele’s YouTube channel.  

Most classes on the channel have a therapeutic theme (like IT Band, hip flexor release, etc). Here’s an example (Yoga for Neck Relief)

Stop incessantly stretching your neck. You need stability, targeted strengthening and thoracic range of motion. This class will take you there.

We hope you’ll LOVE the channel, subscribe and give us a THUMBS UP on the videos that you watch!

Our most popular online class is

Lose the Hunchback: Thoracic Spine Awakening

and one of our most important:

How to get your heels to the floor in Down Dog

Practice only makes “perfect” if you are practicing the right techniques and skills. This class teaches the power of reciprocal inhibition and contract relax (which I learned in my doctoral program for physical therapy) as well as precise alignment for not just the pose, but also the transitions between poses. We recommend first checking out the accompanying blog post “7 Reasons Your Heels Don’t Touch the Floor In Down Dog” on…

What classes do you want to see me film? Put them in the comments below. I’ve got a TON on YouTube already, and more in the cue to add.