Dear Chronic Pain, This is how you’ll go down

“To sum up pain: it comes from the brain and can be re-trained.”

I love this brief video explaining causes and contributions to chronic pain and how to reverse course. Yogis and meditators are far ahead of the curve when it comes to disarming pain and stress management. But long term pain itself can hijack the most prepared among us.

Return to hope. Create a plan with actionable items.

When I treat patients in my physical therapy practice, a much larger percent of my time than I’d ever have thought (as a student) is devoted to empowering patient mindsets for battle against the beast of pain.

I didn’t learn this in school.  I learned it from devotion to universal truths, and by observing the self-talk of the patients who improve and those who do not, when both received high quality care.

Let me know how YOU have mastered pain in the comments below. What would you add?

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