Good News + Getting Vaccinated

Happy New Year!

We made it.

This post contains  good news:

  • I’m vaccinated (pt.1)
  • Online booking for in-person sessions with me is re-enabled
  • Federal Workers Compensation insurance is now accepted
  • Affordable online courses with all the knowledge bombs
  • My little clinic is 5 years young!

Yesterday, I received the first of two doses for the coronavirus vaccine. The relief, though partial, is real. I’ll receive my second dose before January is over.

As I said in my Instagram story, I wish we lived in a world where vaccines were not needed. I’d much rather that my herbal teas, Vitamin D (with K2), and turmeric-ashwaganda capsules fix all the things. But that’s not the world we live in.

I took this vaccine to protect each of you, my family members, my neighbors, parents everywhere and children, my partner (who I once memorably infected with a truly awful flu and I was still far too sick myself to help him – I got the flu shot every year since), and to be able to hug my 93 year old grandmother in her nursing home again. (I’ll definitely share that picture when I get the opportunity!).

5 years!

This year-ish (either November 2020 or January 2021 – depending on if you count the creation of a scheduling system or the first person who booked using it 😀) is a celebration of 5 years of me running my own tiny clinic.

I cherish the luxury of one-on-one time with each of you in my private treatment room or online, and the notes I’ve received from you letting me know how much better you feel.

I am inspired by the dedication each of you demonstrate to your wellness. You make me a better physical therapist and yoga teacher and self-care-giver.

Speaking of progress:

1) You can again book online for in-person sessions (they fill quickly) with all the safety precautions possible*  in addition to booking telehealth / video sessions,

2) We now accept Federal Workers Compensation insurance, (for those injured due to work in the federal government), and

3) I have multiple online courses that are chock full of PT / yoga wisdom for about the same price or less — than a session with me but for many more hours of knowledge and instruction. Learn all the whole body fascia release techniques, foundational hip knowledge, or extensive hip knowledge (course taught in collaboration with Yoga Journal).

If you are a yoga practitioner (especially a yoga teacher) you might also want to check out my main squeeze – a really comprehensive course + community + live experience – my Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship (next cohort starts Jan 15th).

* In-person sessions take place in the evenings (little to no foot traffic in the suite), with 15 minutes between sessions, window-cracked weather-permitting, HEPA filter running and treatment room door open (since no one else is in the suite), and we are both masked.

On your team for optimal health, always, 
May you be Happy & Well!

– Ariele (and Nicole, who is now seeing clients virtually!)

P.S. Seeking a nutritionist? Write us back! We know the best ones!

P.P.S. Did you take Yoga for 3D Hip Stability? I’d love if you could share a short testimonial about what it did for you. Simply respond to this email with 1-2 sentences.