Mango, Pistachio, Rose Water and Cardamom Lassi Recipe

I’ve made plenty of lassis in my life, but this one was the most exquisite. And it’s full of healthy fats, fermentation bacteria and good protein (yogurt, nuts, hemp) — perfect for after an asana practice or workout. And you may not know how simple a good lassi recipe is. I had to share:

mango lassi with pistachio, rosewater, and cardamom - decorated with mint

Quick, satisfying and protein-rich mango lassi with pistachio, rose water, and cardamom – decorated with mint

Exquisite Mango Lassi Recipe with Pistachio, rose and cardamom


1-2 cups ripe mango, cubed
1.5 cups whole fat organic yogurt
1 Tablespoon shelled pistachios
1 Tablespoon hemp seeds (gotta get those Omega 3’s!)
1 tsp sugar (optional or to taste, will depend on the ripeness of the mango)
1-2 tablespoons rose water
Sprinkle of cardamom

Blend all of the above in a blender or Nutribullet until smooth and barely flecked with bits from the hemp seeds and pistachios. 

On hot days, add ice cubes or cool the lassi in the fridge or freezer. On moderate temperature or cool days, drink closer to room temperature.

Enjoy this lassi? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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