Honored to be an Athleta Sponsored Athlete

Reverse Prayer Hands in Half Lotus

Photo credit: Yonas Hassen

In a strange twist of events from my public school PE days when I could barely muster a push-up, the clothing company known for passionately promoting athleticism in women, for using powerful, often muscularly ripped women as models, somehow took a likin’ to me and asked me to be one of 20 nationally sponsored athletes for 2012.

Athleta designs gorgeous, innovative, and feminine performance wear for all kinds of sporty and lifestyle endeavors, including yoga. They have been catalog-based for many years, but recently opened 9 stores around the country, including one a few miles from me in Georgetown.

I am deeply, unbelievably honored to be part of this phenomenal line-up of women, who range from karate instructing moms to triathletes to variously-rooted yogis. If you linger a bit on their website, you’ll pick up on Athleta’s passion for elevating women who balance ordinary demands of life (motherhood, jobs) with a supernatural love for and dedication to their sport or yoga practice.

Over the course of the year, I’ll be writing for the Athleta Chi blog and hosting free classes at the Georgetown store.  If you have a class topic that you’d like to suggest, please share! If you haven’t checked out the store, please do! It’s gorgeous. Seriously, try not to drool.

Photo credit: Yonas Hassen

I’m still pinching myself.

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