No Time to Tumble. Conquer Headstand Now.

I’m teaching a workshop on Saturday February 25th about your dear frenemy, Headstand.

You may be thinking, “Ha, sounds great…for other people.”

You’d be wrong.

Headstand is accessible to anyone with arms, triceps, lats, and bilateral serratus anterior. I’m on a mission to prove it. (BTW These are muscles that everyone is born with).

It can also be incredibly safe. My role and responsibility will be to confer upon you the confidence to carefully conquer this beast – I mean pose.

The write-up:

~ C*O*N*Q*U*E*R  H*E*A*D*S*T*A*N*D ~

“Flip your world upside down in this uplifting workshop on the “King of Asanas,” Headstand. Psychologically and physically prepare with a flowing warm-up and key alignment instruction that will strengthen the arms and muscles that attach to the shoulderblades and engage your core. Overcome fear, gain confidence and reverse the effects of gravity by joining yoga teacher and doctor of physical therapy, Ariele, in a 2-hour journey to that will have you finding your headstand.”

2pm-4pm, Saturday 2/25/12

Yoga District 14th St. 1910 14th St NW floors 2+3

Sign up here.



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