Gratitude is the Attitude and Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear

It may be a touch early to reflect on 2013, but this year has been potent. 2013 was full of big, scary shifts for which I am deeply grateful this Thanksgiving week.everything you want

If it weren’t for the daunting leaps, my offerings would not be so clear: an empowering how to headstand workshop in December, another run of my 4 week foundations of yoga series in January, a collaborative of eastern (India) and eastern (China, TCM) healing, teaching anatomy for four teacher trainings (so far), and Bakasana Like a Boss is back. (all coming up at

What was so the wild ride of this year? I shook a little as I turned in my resignation from my full time physical therapy position for more freedom but much less security.

This very month I stood in front of two video cameras and a film crew to create online anatomy courses for yoga teachers — far (far) from my comfort zone. Once edited, yoga teachers and students will be able to study anatomy with me via 90 Monkeys, the online continuing education platform developed by one of my yoga teacher heros, Amy Ippoliti. (Amy sat in the room and coached me for much of the time).
I give thanks for other ways in which I stepped up to a bigger plate than I had before: having mentored new yoga teachers, taught at a yoga festival, lectured on yoga at my former graduate school, and guided more than 20 hours of anatomy for yoga teacher trainings.
Back in February, I nervously waited for the surgeon to return to allow me and the rest of my family to see my dear grandmother, Lilo, after she woke up from a major surgery. Her health has gradually returned, and her students are so appreciative of her ongoing presence. She was scared, too. But she knew the options: face fear or face a greater risk, perhaps even life or death.
In some ways that is what each of us must realize in our choices in every day.
I stepped past fear to cobble together a life that I love: of higher quality, not quantity. A life that engages my talents and passions instead of demands they conform to my job description. May each offering be of service to all beings, including you. I am thankful for you.
See you on the mat.

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