Clinic Updates!

Over the years, many of you have asked me: “Ariele, are you still practicing physical therapy?”.

OMG. Yes. (I could not imagine discarding the toil of all that education!). This is my spot:

3000 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 434, Washington, DC 20009

I think this question stems from the fact that I run frequent yoga-based workshops and retreats that require marketing. In order for these workshops to be fruitful, I have to tell everyone about them, or no one attends! Because I make Facebook events, post photos, write instagram posts about these workshops (and occasionally my weekly classes), almost everything that you guys see is yoga, yoga yoga.

Even though I’ve had my own private practice space for a few years now, I also worked at larger physical therapy clinics that don’t need any advertising whatsoever…until August. I’ve been 100% on my own since then, and although gratefully, the practice pretty much runs itself, now I have the time to tell you all about it. Here are some of the highlights from a recent patient email I sent:

Reimbursement-ready receipts, Integrated Scheduling/Billing
If you haven’t come to see us (I have a Physical Therapist Assistant that I work with) for a while, last April I upgraded to a fantastic software that includes scheduling, billing and documentation all in one. Benefits to you?

  • You receive an reimbursement-ready invoice the day of your appointment (or as soon as your payment is processed)
  • You never have to watch me fumble with a credit card (crucial! I’m not good at this!)
  • Never forget your log-in again (because you can use your google or facebook credentials).
  • See all your physical therapy notes easily (upon request. I just have to click a button)
  • We still accept most FSA and HSA cards – check to see if your 2018 FSA card still has cash on it and use it or lose it!
Were you or someone you love in an accident?
We can now accept accident insurance. At risk of sounding like a TV commercial for a personal injury attorney, and although we remain out of network for health insurers, if you or someone you know was in an accidentand has an active claim and needs physical therapy, please contact me with your claim agent and claim number to get started:  
Need Yoga or Physical Therapy at Home?
Home visits for yoga and yoga therapeutics are available with Nicole in and around Montgomery County, Maryland. Nicole is so extremely qualified: a Masters candidate in Clinical Nutrition, a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), a certified yoga therapist, and a certified yoga teacher. I highly recommend a session with her at your home or on Wednesday nights at our clinic. 

I am able take on 1-2 home physical therapy or yoga clients in zip codes 20009 and 20008, so please email me if you are interested. 
Need after-work appointments?
Did you know we have evening hours on Wednesdays? I see clients until 7pm, and Nicole sees clients until 9pm Wednesday evenings. Nicole is able to offer follow-up physical therapy sessions (reduced price) during this time. 

I am also available select Fridays from 5-6pm by request. 
Yoga 10 Packs = 10% off! 
Purchase a 10 pack of yoga or yoga therapy privates and save 10% ($150 session becomes $135 each; $135 sessions become $121.50). Must be used within 12 months from purchase date. Email me to arrange. 
Find me on YouTube!
Two years ago I started putting my gentle classes (and other yoga nuggets) on YouTube and I’ve been so pleased that people watch. One video has 22k views! Please check out my channel for your home practice and anatomy learning. 
Your referrals / reviews mean the world! Thank you for sending your friends, family and co-workers to my tiny clinic, Happy & Well. We operate nearly 100% via word of mouth. If you have a moment, will you leave us a review (or even just 5 stars) on Google or Yelp? Thank you!!
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My physical therapy patients are always welcome as my guest in weekly classes.