DC Yoga Podcast with Guest, Dr. Ariele Foster

podcast recording studio dr. ariele foster and chris parkinsonOnce upon a time, there were so few yoga teachers in DC that — on a dark night, walking along an otherwise empty sidewalk hemmed in by chain link fence  — I chased down a man carrying a yoga mat to ask if he was a yoga teacher.

Hear this and many more stories from my years of yoga teaching, like:

  • How I stumbled into teaching yoga, and when I first got exposed to yoga,
  • Why Kripalu yoga has formed the foundation of my yoga,
  • Trials and tribulations of PT school
  • Why I no longer ask students if they have injuries
  • How yoga teachers are not responsible for the outcome of a students experience but are responsible for — among other things — the “set and setting”
  • Why I think it’s funny that we go to the dentist every 6 months to check up on our teeth, but that checking up on our entire bodies (i.e. seeing a physical therapist) is an afterthought

All this on the DC Yoga Podcast with Chris Parkison.

Thanks for having me as a guest, Chris!

Here’s the episode link: