Write Your Own Job Description


I once wrote a partial job description for the sacred duties of my yoga teaching:

“Must be willing and able to: allow newcomers to feel welcome, offer returning students fresh tips, distill instructions until they are more clear than Crystal Pepsi (R.I.P.), dilute seriousness with belly laughter, spin playful beats for ambiance, offer enhancements of physical postures – not only adjustments, embrace differences in every body, appreciate ‘pre-existing conditions’ (aka injuries from life) as a reminder for growth, remind oneself and all those in hearing distance that WE are way bigger, badder, deeper, and more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine, etc., etc.”Ariele_072

2 years later, I’d say that’s still highly accurate. 

Do you teach yoga? How would you describe what you do? I look forward to reading your comments below!


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