It gets better: Age, Wisdom, and Teaching Yoga.

There was a little ruffle in the interwebs this week (at least amongst my friends) after an article was posted on describing a young woman’s preference for yoga teachers over age 40.

Of course, there are hundreds, if not millions of reasons why you might prefer one yoga teacher over another.

Though I haven’t personally found that the age of a yoga teacher necessarily has anything to do with the wisdom that teacher is capable of conveying, I will say this:

Something happened for me around age 30. I realized I liked myself and my life more than I ever had before (hopefully 40 is even better!). I can’t say for sure from the perspective of my students, but I feel that has translated into more confidence for me as a teacher, more freedom to be a total goofball at the front of the room, more freedom to be serious about alignment and hold myself and students accountable to stopping where our bodies request…and a smidge more perspective in general.meditating hands in Anjali mudra prayer pose

I have known some profoundly poised and self-possessed 20 year olds (not me), some of whom were yoga teachers, but I also know that I’m not alone in this internal experience of expansion past a certain year milestone.

The one truth I know is that there is no exact formula to create a good yoga teacher for every potential yoga student.

What I personally look forward to? Growing – in every way, including older – alongside my students.

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