Thank you, 2014.

If my experience of 2014 were a character, she would look like Pig-Pen from Peanuts in a classy dress. Everything seemed to move in a whirlwind and kick up dust, but elegantly. (Was it just me?)

stay_dirtyThe year was a sculptural collaboration between myself and time.

It has been thrilling, and I am grateful for the growth, the challenge and the beauty. I’m grateful for each of you who read this blog, who grew yourselves, who studied with me, who taught me. (Please accept my deepest apologies about the utter absence of a holiday card!).

I love this messy life of mine the way we love a dirty kid. Day to day I juggle teaching yoga, teaching anatomy, treating patients, working one-on-one with students, mentoring, and manifesting amazing retreats. Sometimes I squeeze in a social life.

This year, I taught yoga classes where just one or two students showed up and I questioned what I was doing, AND I taught workshops that brought in 50 students, at which moments, of course, I questioned why I wasn’t doing more of exactly what I was doing. 

It was a year of massive leaps, of tiny moments of self-examination. It has been a constant adventure, I am so glad to be on this path and to know so clearly that I am not alone. 

To 2014, and the glorious, sometimes messy sculpture of my life, of our lives, together. 

Wanna end it with a bang?

Join me on New Year’s Eve, 8-10pm at Georgetown Yoga for my first Maha Kali Namaskar (Maha=Great, Kali=Goddess of Transformation, Namaskar=Greeting) – a sweaty flowing class that wraps up 2014 in the neatest possible bundle and creates space for 2015. We’ll toast with sparkling cider at the end.

** Sign up here under the workshops tab. **


If I may say, I believe this event will be perfect for:

1) those who want to hit the hay early, as well as

2) those who want to party on into the night. (There is a shower onsite at the studio.) …Because I love you all. 

Stay dirty.

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