Therapeutic Yoga Moves for Your Feet

This post is #10 in the series highlighting my YouTube channel “library” of videos. A quick note: I started uploading videos of my classes to YouTube in summer of 2016…nearly 5 years ago. My approach to teaching yoga and movement has, hopefully understandably, evolved since then. For the latest, most evidence-based iteration of my teaching please see my On Demand Class Library.    

For nearly a year now, many of us around the world have been under stay at home orders or suggestions. I can see by the view numbers on my YouTube channel my online classes have been helpful for folks getting through this time.

Today I saw this lovely homage on social media to my YouTube class Thoracic Spine Awakening:

Connections like this keep me going.

One of my most recently posted classes, Flow for Feet: Therapeutic Yoga for Foot Health, is a slow paced, gentle-moderate class that includes myofascial release and asana. Many of the techniques are similar to those I would use within a physical therapy session for someone with foot or ankle pain.

Though no prerecorded program fully replaces one-on-one skilled, licensed physical therapy (in fact, I regularly see a physical therapist myself), I believe these moves can help many of you. 

As always, yoga classes, especially group and/or online classes are not a substitute for licensed physical therapy or medical help. Yoga is a wonderful and vast collection of tools, techniques and viewpoints, which of course includes nutritious movement, but you get ONE BODY. If you could only keep one car (or bicycle) for life, you would not hesitate to take it to the mechanic. Treat your body well and if you are in pain, see a physio 🙂! There is no substitute.

In this class you will:

  • Learn myofascial release techniques for soles of feet, calves, hamstrings and shin splint muscles
  • Increase toe mobility with dynamic calf stretches
  • Receive expert guidance for Malasana, Virasana, and Toe Stand (optional!)

Flow for Feet: Therapeutic Yoga for Foot Health (45 min)

As always, this video is for educational purposes, and is NOT a replacement for medical advice. If you have pain anywhere in your body, please see a physical therapist (physiotherapist), such as myself. I have a physical therapy center in Woodley Park neighborhood in Washington, DC directly across from the National Zoo, and no prescription is needed to see me. To go directly to the booking site, click

For those who have seen a physical therapist before without much to show for it: try a different one and try for more than 3 sessions. Commit to daily PT practices at home. Nothing will replace skillful, hands-on, individualized care for your long term health. I offer up this video series for education only. There is no intention that it will supplement or replace actual physical therapy / physiotherapy or other medical advice. 


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Yoga Paws: Therapeutics for Feet and Calves (35 min)

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