Thoracic Spine Awakening (Free Online Yoga)

Ready to wake up your thoracic spine?

For nearly 3 years, I’ve posted regular videos to my YouTube account. Some are full length yoga practices, some videos focus more on a particular anatomy component of yoga. Overall, I’m really proud of the library of postings that I have created. YET I realize I have barely mentioned these videos gems over here on my regular website. Today that changes. I’m starting a series of blog posts to highlight some of my favorite and / or most popular YouTube videos. 

Lose the Hunchback: Thoracic Spine Awakening

This week I introduce you to my most popular yoga video on YouTube: “Lose the Hunchback: Thoracic Spine Awakening” (currently with over 24,000 views!!!!).

Class Description

Thoracic Spine Awakening is a well-rounded 45 minute full gentle / therapeutic yoga class that focuses on mobilizing and strengthening / stabilizing the thoracic spine. Although the thoracic spine doesn’t naturally allow for much movement into spinal extension (backbends), it does permit a good amount of rotation for spinal twists and side bending.

We will take advantage of — and respect — this movement capacity while focusing on strengthening the back body (part of the Posterior Chain). Expect to feels lots of unusual muscle contractions between and around the shoulder blades.

Research shows that improved mobility in your thoracic spine decreases neck pain. Therefore, it is not a far leap to hypothesize that a regular thoracic mobility practice, like this gorgeous video offering below, will not just improve your posture, decrease your tendency to slump, but may actually improve your neck health.

I know we all desperately need that.

Enjoy. And, if you try out the practice, I always appreciate, read and respond to the comments below the video on YouTube.

What To Expect During This Class:

The 6 movements of the spine
-Gentle core strengthening
-Twists for the upper back
-Upper back and Scapular strengthening
-Stabilizing and strengthening of the thoracic spine

Poses Include:

-Side Body Stretch
-Seated Spinal Twist Variation
-Cobbler’s Pose (Baddha Konasana)
-Sphinx Pose
-Child’s Pose
-Downward Facing Dog
-Standing Forward Fold
-Low Lunge
-1/2 Split
-and more…

Student Testimonials:

I really love this yoga practice. I feel such a relief of tension in my back…”

“Wow! This is by far the best slow flow yoga class Ive taken online, my spine feels good right now”

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