Way of the Happy Fascia – NEW Online Course!

Way of the Happy Fascia has been my signature live workshop since 2013.

It has sold out nearly every time I’ve offered it, and it even caught the attention of Yoga Journal.

Now, Way of the Happy Fascia is an online course and it contains 7+ hours of comprehensive, guided myofascial release from head to toe. This course focuses on self massage techniques, pain relief, mobility that is more gentle than stretching, and I teach about the latest research on fascia. 

Check out Way of the Happy Fascia:

Selfmyofascial release (also known as fascia release or self-massage) is a practice that deeply compliments yoga asana and other movement modalities. It has the profound effects of calming your nervous system, improving your mobility and the power to reduce pain. It is a self-care skill that will benefit and enhance the rest of your life.

What you’ll find in this course:

This fascia release online course offers 7+ hours of comprehensive guided full-body myofascial release practice and fundamental information on fascia.

  • 4+ hours of video
  • 2 hours of downloadable audio
  • 2 PDFs and text accompanying each video

What makes this course unique:

Your instructor, Dr Ariele Foster, has a unique perspective on fascia as a yoga teacher and movement educator of 20 years and a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy. While you experience self-massage, she explains the latest knowledge and nuance on the science of fascia and optimal movement.

What does myofascial release do for me?

Another way to describe myofascial release is self-massage. Just like after a good massage, we hope you enjoy a lightness, freedom and sense of renewal in your body. You may also notice improved flexibility or mobility, and reduction of pain.

See the entire comprehensive curriculum: