Weekly Sliding Scale Yoga and Movement Classes

image of ariele in a deep squat (malasana) as part of a poster for weekly sliding scale yoga classes core / fascia / hips

UPDATE September 2022: We are no longer hosting / I am no longer teaching live weekly classes – BUT – there is an on demand archive of the 300+ classes taught by me and esteemed guest teachers. Check that out here:

Here’s the original post:

Movement is a mandate for healthy humans. And yet – this pandemic makes movement less integrated into many of our lives. 

Case in point: pre-pandemic I averaged 8k+ steps a day even without trying hard. It takes movement to go places. (Yes, steps matter).

Now that I don’t have to go anywhere most days, the yoga studios are closed, and I’m weary of the gym, I have to put the effort in to get to more movement. 

With the exception of a few who have more time for – or picked up – running or hiking or Peloton, my patients and clients are experiencing what I’m experiencing. 

Cultivating Routine is better than Praying for Discipline

It takes more discipline than ever to show up and move. I’ve dedicated 20 years to teaching mindful movement, and it’s tricky for me, too. The pull-ups I first accomplished 2 years ago again require assistance.  
All of this gets to the heart, the WHY of my new 3x weekly *sliding scale* online movement / yoga classes. My students and patients need this anchor. As do I.

The Yoga I want to See in the World

The classes are strength-based 💪🏽, yoga-based 🧘🏽‍♀️, science-backed movement. I have been having a hard time finding the yoga that I want to see in the world. So I am serving it up.

I chose three focus areas that I consistently see my patients needing. I need these too: Core, Hips (glutes), and Function ( with Mobility and Fascia release). 

Mondays: Core Strength. 
Wednesdays: Mobility, Fascia + Function. 
Fridays: Hips Happy Hour (Glutes and Posterior chain)

Expect challenging practices (not more chaturangas or more speed) designed to build strength and stability. Plenty of modifications will be offered, and if you need something different, you have a direct line of communication with me to ask for it. 

All Access Memberships!

If you can’t attend class live, and would like to access to the recordings, simply join the monthly membership, where each class recording is uploaded within 24 hours. (There are already 10 practices uploaded in the membership area).

Eventually I’ll be adding special content unique to the monthly membership to help you optimize your well-being.   

Membership is ALL ACCESS, meaning: access to all the live classes and the library of recordings. 

Need more $ support?

Drop ins are offered at sliding scale. Simply message me if you need more of a scholarship. No questions asked. 

Questions? Post in the comments below.