Yoga + Movement Club Membership Update

UPDATE September 2022: I am no longer teaching live weekly classes, but have a massive online library of On Demand Classes that you can access with the following link:

It’s been two months since I started leading “Core Strength”, “Mobility, Fascia and Function” and “Hips Happy Hour” classes every week, online.

The membership video library (recordings of the classes) now has 29 practice videos! Each class, I pick an area or theme (consistent with the class title) like: Hamstrings , Foot-Hip Relationship, Upper Traps Freedom Through Strength or Classic Core. (See the full library here. Use the search bar or filter function to find a class that is right for you – These are rentable links).


Must-have props are kept to a minimum so that you can practice even when away from home – or even if all you own is a dictionary and a throw pillow.


Recordings are uploaded within 48 hours, often within 24 hours. So if you miss class one week, you can take it at a later time. New recordings that get uploaded are (99% of the time) higher quality than Zoom 😃. The reason you see the little “Recording” signal in the Zoom meeting, is so I have a back-up recording.

Community and Other Benefits of being Online

I also aim to join the classes 5(ish) minutes early, which is a great time to also join and let me know if you have any last-minute requests.

Things I think are great about online classes, and a selected list of permissions you totally have in my classes:

  • > Feel free to sneak out of class early when you need.
  • > Join in even if you are going to be late.
  • > Feel free to keep your camera off when you feel shy or like giving 20% effort.
  • > Feel free to use the chat feature (privately to the teacher or to all present for class) if you wish.

This week’s plan is:

  • M – Core Strength – Hollow Body Progressions
  • W – Mobility Fascia and Function – Squat Variations and Quad Release
  • F – Hips Happy Hour – Pelvic Stabilizing

Sign up for a drop-in class (or membership) here.

On days that you don’t take class with me, I hope you’ll walk, hike, lift weights, dance or do whatever the heck movement you enjoy – ideally outside if the weather permits.


Have a friend who you think would love class? Let them know about my sliding scale drop in rates (as low as $8) and if they sign up for a membership, I’ll give you a month free (just email me their name).

See you on the mat!

– Ariele