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Sacred Source Yoga is the website of Dr. Ariele Foster, a physical therapist and yoga teacher based in Washington, DC and of the holistic physical therapy and wellness center Happy & Well, LLC.

Dr. Ariele Foster bio

Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT 500+ is a doctor of physical therapy, yoga teacher since 2001, founder of YogaAnatomyAcademy.com, online course creator (including two online courses created for Yoga Journal) and anatomy mentor.

Through YogaAnatomyAcademy.com Ariele runs other online courses and the Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship for yoga teachers and dedicated students of yoga, exploring how yoga asana can better align with individual anatomy, best evidence, and real-world function.

Ariele’s physical therapy practice in Washington, DC is founded upon treating the whole person. She uses hands-on manual therapy techniques along with precise, targeted strength training, myofascial release and neuromuscular re-integration to achieve optimal recovery for patients.

Her interdisciplinary yoga teaching, workshops, and retreats are grounded in the compassionate approach of Kripalu Yoga and her deep understanding of neuro-musculoskeletal well-being from working with thousands of patients.

Ariele has completed yoga teacher trainings in Kripalu, Anusara, Therapeutics, Hatha Yoga and the tradition of Maty Ezraty / YogaWorks. She also writes for Yoga Journal, serves as anatomy faculty for Vesselify (created by Amy Ippoliti) and various yoga teacher trainings, is an ambassador for KiraGrace clothing, and has graced the cover of Yoga Journal Australia (July 2018).

For more details, please see Ariele’s LinkedIn profile.

physical therapy, yogaAriele grew up practicing yoga with her grandmother, Lilo, a Holocaust survivor and all-around inspiration (see bio), who taught multiple yoga classes weekly into her 87th year of life.

Ariele later explored dozens of styles of yoga, the best of which she weaves into her strength-based interdisciplinary hatha and vinyasa classes. Ariele loves to teach students of all ages and abilities.

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Physical Therapy and Private Yoga Appointments

To schedule physical therapy or a yoga private session with Ariele in her Woodley Park clinic or online via telehealth or video please click here for detailed information on appointments.

Ariele’s former profession as an environmental justice activist led to her found Yoga for the Planet, a forum to engage yogis in dialogue about the health of our planet. (Please “like” the Yoga for the Planet Facebook page.)

physical therapy, yoga

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Ariele lives in Washington, DC and travels nationally and internationally to lead retreats and anatomy trainings.

Enjoy full length online classes (mostly therapeutics-oriented) with Ariele on her YouTube Channel (subscribe and like!): 



Ariele has been featured in / Media

Cover: July 2018 – Australian Yoga Journal (also features the article below)

[AUTHOR] Yoga Journal Magazine “Fascial Fitness” (Authored and featured in 9 page spread) April 2018: https://www.yogajournal.com/author/ariele-foster

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[PODCAST] Inside the Minds of Great Yogis https://www.instagram.com/p/CXZyIrXjDzX/

[PODCAST] No BS Wellness Podcast – Talking about Fascia

[PODCAST] The GW Integrative Medicine Podcast – Talking about Yoga Informed Physical Therapy

[PODCAST] The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Hip Injuries and Yoga Teachers https://www.francescacervero.com/hip-injuries-and-yoga-with-guest-teacher-ariele-foster

[PODCAST] DC Yoga Teacher Podcast: Stories from Ariele’s early days of teaching yoga  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dc-yoga-podcast-ariele-foster/id1409202805?i=1000434724325

[PODCAST] The Connected Yoga Teacher “10 Principles of Anatomy Informed Yoga” http://www.theconnectedyogateacher.com/028-anatomy-informed-yoga-practice-ariele-foster/ 

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Kiragrace Ambassador 2013-present – http://www.kiragrace.com/kiragrace-warrior-ariele-foster/

Athleta 2012 Featured Athlete – http://www.athleta.net/2012-featured-athletes/ariele-foster/

Wanderlust Artist page – http://wanderlust.com/artist/ariele-foster/

ToeSox Inspiration (2015)- http://www.toesox.com/ambassador/

WhyTime App (Content Partner – app is now closed)

Kripalu Catalog (image) https://www.flickr.com/photos/ari-face/3261134422/in/album-72157594185310816/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/ari-face/3260306075/in/album-72157594185310816/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/ari-face/4455770657/in/album-72157594185310816/

Conscious Eating Summit: consciouseatingsummit.com/afoster

Heal Yourself Now Summit: healyourselfnowsummit.com/o/ariele

Breakthrough Pain Summit:  https://abreakthroughpainsummit.com/?utm_source=Ariele

Testimonials (Yoga):

To leave a testimonial for Ariele, post a review on our Google Business page. Thank you kindly!

“Every time I go to your class, I think ‘Ah, *this* is how yoga is supposed to feel.” – Sarah

“Thank you to the moon and back for all the love, the videos and your teaching as a whole!  I found both your workshops at YogaJam the best that I took.  Your [workshop] caused me to think about a new focus for my own practice and ways that I can focus my hopeful eventual teaching.  I am so so happy that I met you and that you opened my eyes to even more ways to breathe. I have no doubt you made many, many people just as happy that weekend. ” – Diana, attendee at Floyd Yoga Jam

“It was truly life (body) altering. I felt, and still feel, that I’ve had the best massage. The slight twinge I had in my left hip has gone!” – Cathrine, attendee at Way of the Happy Fascia

“Wonderful strength and stability in my back these last few days. Thank you so much.” – Tim (Spine and SI joint workshop)

“You kind of shook me to the core, and blew my mind with what you taught today.” Heather N (attended Hip Therapeutics: The Definitive Guide to Woke Hips workshop)

“I sit differently since our session. I’m so much more aware of my body.” – Jane

“I wanted to tell you that in my estimation you are a truly outstanding instructor.  I think you put together a great routine every week and that you consistently convey a deep understanding of the human body.  I even think that your weekly messages, something that I think would not usually appeal to me, are unusually high quality. ” – D.B.

“How to do justice to this boddhisatva in an online review? I took yoga with Ariele years ago, before she’d even started her PhD program in physical therapy, and was blown away then by her teaching skills, her passion and COMpassion. How could someone so young and pretty have such a depth and breadth of knowledge of yoga? It made more sense and was comforting to find out that her grandmother was (and still is) a yoga teacher. Recently, I took her class in Happy Fascia. For 35 bucks, I got a full-body, fully relaxing massage — well, self-massage, with two tennis balls. Her teaching style, which seemed exceptional to me in a previous lifetime, has become so refined, so every-moment-substantive, so brilliant that I am awestruck. I suppose it’s Ariele’s modesty and work ethic that keep her here teaching small classes when, it seems to me, she could be Hollywooding. She just keeps walking the walk… and biking the bike. Ever since I’ve known her, Dr. Foster has been riding her bicycle everywhere in the District in all kinds of weather. I hope you get to experience classes with her before she gets too famous.” L.B.

Such a GIFT!! “Possibility”, “I can”, “Trust”, are just a few of my takeaways after a class taught by Ariele. After completing Ariele’s Yoga 101 classes at Epic, I’ve been able to keep up my yoga practice at home. This Sunday I plan to attend her Chaturanga Clinic -can hardly wait!!” -Joanne

“I learn so much from Ariele when I take her classes or workshops! I recently moved out of town, but whenever I visit DC I seek out at least one class with Ariele. She got me into crow and headstand for the first time each after YEARS of trying. Finally, someone explained what goes where!” – Janet

“Ariele was an excellent instructor. She’s a physical therapist so she really focused on alignment. She was really good at demonstrating how to do the poses, and what they should look like, as well as gave manual adjustments. I still learned something even after being seven years into my practice!” – Ashley

“One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and I am one very picky student. I like to feel my instructors not only know their yoga, but the body and the importance of good posture to avoid injury. Above all, I need to feel the instructor knows yoga is more than the poses. Ariel is all that. She is friendly, warm, very engaged and caring and knows her stuff. I keep taking her workshops and classes because I feel she really knows what she is doing and cares about my learning process as well as my whole well-being. Could not recommend her more!” – F.M.

“Caring and Knowledgable  Ariele is an amazing teacher!! But what sets her apart from the rest of the great teachers in DC is her knowledge of the body and the caring heart which she brings into the room. She genuinely loves teaching and cares about all of her students and it shows in her classes. If you haven’t taken from Ariele yet, find time to visit one of her classes.” – Rob B

“I have only been to one class with Ariele and she was a sub. I really enjoyed that class, though. Her alignment and anatomical knowledge was VERY apparent. Her instruction was clear and intentional. She made a very positive impression and I look forward to someday taking her class again.” – Nathan

“I feel taller already!” – Nancy (15 minutes into a private session!)

“Ariele was one of three instructors who helped me get started with yoga in 2007. Her classes at Tenley Sport & Health in Washington, DC were by far my favorite. Ariele has an unfaltering warm spirit and calming voice. She works a variety of poses into each class and always keeps you on your toes.” – Bill

“I am a beginner, and Ariele’s guidance was extraordinary. I felt very comfortable with her approach and had an amazing experience. I plan on studying yoga with Ariele again and again. Thank you!” – Lucas D.

“I have taken Ariele’s yoga classes many times and I always find exactly what I’m looking for: thoughtful instruction, mindful presence, challenging poses, deep relaxation, and renewed inspiration. Thanks Ariele!” – Lindsay

“Ariele is very user-friendly as a yogi and doesn’t push further than the rookies (like me) can handle. my favorite part is at the end when she speaks in a low voice and talks about opening all of your pores and letting the cells fill up with sun light.” – mixmastermike (mc2, a.k.a. Mike)

“Hi Ariele: Lilo mentioned your website at the end of class today. Right on! Hey world lemme tell you Lilo and her granddaughter Ariele are beautiful people and excellent teachers.” – Leslie

“She is amazing, challenging, kind, different. Please schedule her more!” – (re: Ariele) anon to a class scheduler

Workshop Testimonials:


– Juice the Flow was pretty awesome.  Totally changed the way I moving between the poses.  And updog… wow!


– thank you so much for such a great practice at YogaJam. I could have thought of no better way to begin my day. 🙂

Testimonials for Physical Therapy with Ariele

To leave a testimonial for Ariele, post a review on our Google Business page (click here). Thank you kindly!

“I sit differently since our sessions. I’m so much more aware our my body.”

“Ariele was A+++ wonderful, effective, caring, knowledgeable and so generous in providing any information that might help my knees.”

“Ariele was very knowledgeable and constantly positive as I got better. Explains things very well.”

“Therapy was very helpful, Ariele was wonderful and gave me lots of options for self-care in the future.”

“Ariele was great. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. She helped me with my initial problem and then worked on some of the underlying long term issues.”


“Ariele rocks!”

“I feel very lucky that I had Ariele as my therapist. She clearly has a vast depth of knowledge and could always explain things clearly.”

“Very helpful by correcting my positions and walking stance. Very good at making sure I had future appointments.”

“Professional while being relaxed. Questions answered well.”

“Ariele was thorough and professional”

“Ariele is so incredibly knowledgeable and helped me share important info with my trainer”

“Ariele was great. Knowledgeable, thorough good explanations and best of all: no more pain.”

“I really loved working with Ariele. She took the time to explain my injury as well as explain the techniques she was using to improve my condition and provided me with exercises to use at home to further my progress and healing.”

“Ariele Foster was wonderful. She explained the physiology of what was happening with the injury and the treatment, and she really listened to me as I expressed my ambitious goals. She pushed, but not too hard, and took it easy when I need that, too. Just great.”

“Ariele was fantastic. She really took the time to explain the muscle and fascia connections which enabled me to understand the homework and healing process.”

“Ariele – excellent, professional, caring and very helpful”

“Ariele was excellent! Love her.”

“Ariele was helpful, personable, knowledgeable, and caring. She showed me practical simple exercises and gently corrected my mistakes. She’s also a great listener.”

“Ariele treated my complaints and concerns with the utmost professionalism. The education she imparted will assist me with self-treatment for pain management”

“Ariele is exceptionally knowledgeable, and made sure I understood my condition and how to avoid repeating my injury in the future. She expressed everything clearly, we created a plan for our therapy appointments, and I’ve emerged completely healed and a lot better informed about how not to get hurt again.”

Feedback by email:

Hey Ariele,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that my hip is doing GREAT. Thank you for all your help and persistence with it.  I feel like I’m very close to being fully back to normal in terms of pain levels/mobility, etc. An awesome feeling, given that there was a period there where I thought it would just be a chronic injury I couldn’t get rid of.  Anyway, thanks again, and hope everything is going well in your world!

Happy new year, (name removed for privacy)

Hi Ariele,

I want to thank you again for all the help you’ve given me. Walking to work this morning in the glorious fall weather was somehow even sweeter than it was this time last year–I guess I don’t take it for granted anymore.
I assume you have a boss who would like to hear all the good things I have to say about you. Would you tell me to whom I could send a (glowing) letter?
Thanks again,
(name removed for privacy)

(emailed to Ariele’s supervisor) I’m writing today to tell you I’m fine. That’s a pretty big statement coming from a guy who spent most of July in bed. Today, after a busy Thanksgiving week filled with travel and heavy suitcases and strange beds, I’m fine, and I thank Ariele Foster for that. She did an amazing job of getting me back into shape–gently at first, then pushing a little as I healed. I’m still dealing with a little neuropathy in my foot, still doing my exercises every morning (and most nights), but the rest of my body is in much better shape than before my injury.

I take none of it for granted, and I do take a great deal of personal credit for sticking with the program that Ariele helped me develop. But I truly believe that Ariele’s caring, gentle, but firm treatment and instruction has made it possible for me to have an enjoyable Fall. I look forward to an enjoyable Winter, as well.

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