Podcast: Mastering the Business of Yoga (3 Anatomy Nuggets)

Guest interview on M.B.Om – Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

I guess it’s podcast season.

Dr. Ariele Foster in Eka Pada Eka Hasta Adho Mukha Svanasana (one legged, one handed downward facing dog)

I am a super-fan of podcasts (and audio books!).

Meaning, I listen to podcasts near-daily. They fill my head with magical stories and new revelations in science while I wash dishes, brush my teeth, or generally procrastinate.

Therefore it has been a huge honor to be the featured interviewee on three podcasts in the last three months. (If you missed the first two, please check out these links — The Connected Yoga Teacher and The Mentor Sessions: Strategy & Support for Yoga Teachers).  

Mastering the Business of Yoga, aka M.B.Om, is the brainchild of Amanda Kingsmith. Through her podcasts and other projects, she helps yoga teachers clarify their business intentions and make their business dreams come true. 

Anyhoo, she and I chat about some of the business challenges we face, a little of why I became a physical therapist, and go into THREE NUGGETS of yoga anatomy that make this episode very much worth the listen. Also, if you listen until the very end there is a really valuable FREE GIVEAWAY.

I hope you enjoy. 

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Here’s the link to the podcast page itself http://www.mbomyoga.com/yoga-anatomy-dr-ariele-foster/

here’s some notes about the episode from Amanda:

On this episode, Ariele and I talk about some of the common wording that yoga teachers can shift to be more anatomically correct. We discuss the anatomy of the shoulders, lumbar spine, and the feet, amongst other things. Ariele and I also delve into the business of yoga and how to create a streamlined brand when you have more than one topic of interest!

Business + Anatomy Lessons from this Episode:

  • If you’re going to move your body, you’re going to be subject to injury, and we need to shift away from being ashamed about talking about
  • Don’t be afraid to tell a student that you don’t know something or to refer them to a physio
  • You can have a niche, but still be really well-rounded with lots of different offering
  • One of the biggest anatomy cues to watch is “draw the shoulders down and back” – sometimes the shoulder blades should anatomically come up
  • Often our traps and shoulders have weaknesses that cause us to be quite tight in the shoulders. There is usually a weakness that is the cause of tightness.
  • As yogis, we often need more pulling and less pushing action!
  • Be cautious rolling over your toes because over time it can cause bunions
  • It’s important to roll over both feet at the same time or not roll over them at all
  • The lumbar spine actually has virtually no twist
  • Both shoulders don’t need to be on the ground in a reclined twist
  • Branding is always evolving
  • And much more… Here’s the episode!

Yoga Anatomy with Dr. Ariele Foster