Need some inspiration? Check out these amazing women


It’s real.

Last year, I was profoundly moved to be in the company of female athletes that included Katy Sullivan (read more here), Parayogini Katie Silcox and the US Water Polo Team (not to mention 17 other gorgeous goddesses of inspiration).

Athleta’s sponsorship of me made me feel connected to a bigger purpose than my yoga teaching or physical therapy career. It alerted me to the power of strong (mentally and physically) female role models and the power of lifting each other up as a community. Silly or not, there was a real part of me that felt validated by the national sponsorship: a part that never before believed I was worthy of such recognition. There are deep seeded gender roles in our world, and the perception of women in physical activity continues to be diminished. Look no further than view ratings for womens sports versus mens.

In the world of yoga, look at the gender ratio of well-known teachers and leaders versus the gender ratio in your yoga classes. It’s shifting, but the % of men in yoga’s leadership vastly outweighs the percent of men participating in regular yoga classes.

Reading this year’s line-up of Athleta featured athletes reminded me of this duality, as well as our quiet power. We can run this world.

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