Springing Forward with BIG Changes

This season brings big changes to my life.

First, I’m excited to begin practicing physical therapy at Georgetown University Hospital alongside the city’s most dedicated and talented physical therapists. It’s an inspiring atmosphere that places patient care first.

It also means I will be working just part time as a physical therapist, with more energy to dedicate to enhancing the quality of my public yoga classes, guidance to my private students and to exciting workshops that blend my two worlds of knowledge.

Way of the Happy Fascia is one such workshop. Taking place Sunday May 19th at Meridian Yoga, it promises to:

“Unravel tension from your toes to your ears along myofascial meridians (long fibrous pathways of connective tissue that  contract and adhere from habitual movement and posture). Unwind and release trigger points to experience profound freedom in your body as well as increased ease in your asana practice.

This workshop fuses trigger point release, yin/restorative yoga, and meditative techniques that enhance our capacity to release tension, ultimately where no ordinary yoga practice will take you – deep into your fascial layer.

Please bring at least 2 tennis balls and a clean tube sock.”

Yogis will notice a profound shift in their asana practice with this knowledge and physical therapy patients will learn empowering techniques to break out of habitual postural patterns that do not serve them.Image

I have so much more in the works, but my other upcoming offerings include a free class Sunday April 14th at 11am at the beautiful Epic Yoga, and another free class, in partnership with Sweetgreen, “Yoga for Happy Hips” at Meridian Yoga Saturday May 4th from 1:30-2:30pm.

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